Welcome to Swedish International Students & Alumni. 

Who we are: We are a nonprofit membership organisation working to promote, support and facilitate studies abroad for Swedish nationals. Since its foundation in 2014 SISA has supported Swedish students and alumni across the globe.

The organisation is managed by 13 members with considerable experience of studying, working and living abroad. The core committee is composed by seven committee members filling the roles of president, secretary, treasurer, events manager, outreach responsible, social media manager and public relations responsible. In addition, four SISA representatives work at a regional level (France, Austria/Germany, USA Northeast and England) and our two project leaders are developing SISA Professional, a network for graduates.

Our goal is to support Swedish nationals, who have pursued or are considering pursuing higher education abroad,
in their academic and professional development, as well as create a network of Swedish graduates from international institutions.


Our Three Pillars

Network. The development of an extensive and resourceful network is at the foundation of the organisation. Our social events give an opportunity for Swedish students and alumni to meet and share their international experience and expertise. The goal is for our members to meet other Swedish nationals and gain something from the event, whether it be a friend, a useful contact or inspiration to pursue further studies or a career, either abroad or back in Sweden

Outreach. We offer support and advice for Swedish nationals who wish to pursue higher education abroad. Due to our members’ varied international experiences, we are equipped to advise and inspire. Our overarching aim is to widen the opportunity for studies abroad by spreading useful information at local high schools and online, through our website guides

Representation. As the only non-exclusive organisation for Swedish students abroad we work as a student union to represent the interest of our members towards Swedish authorities, international universities and other international and national organisations. We aim to increase awareness of the benefit of studies abroad and strive to highlight challenges that Swedish international students face in Sweden as well as abroad

Vi finns här för dig hela vägen!